Photo Recognition Software Helps Brands Deliver Ads

This is cool stuff! Coca Cola and other major brands are using new photo recognition software to target ads based on photos being shared on social media. This is a big change from the keywords that have been the standard to date. Read the full article here  

NFL Still TV Powerhouse

As a media buyer it’s my job to follow media trends so it was with interest that I watched what was happening this past fall with NFL Football. It appeared that ratings were declining and lots of speculation as to why… player scandals, millennials streaming games on Twitter and political ads. However, this article claims[…]

Blurred Lines

Recently, Tom Goodwin (Head of Innovation at Zenith) published an article discussing the blending of video and television. With Facebook Live, Periscope, and streamed content on YouTube, an individual’s viewing of video and television is no longer confined to a television set. For Media buyers, that means a change in the way you represent your[…]