Pittsburgh Remains One Of Largest TV Markets

media-planningPittsburgh continues to watch a lot of TV! According to recent Nielsen data, we are among the top 25 TV markets in the country for most hours watched. I’m sure this has a lot to do with the fact that we have a large population of senior citizens who are traditionally heavy users of TV. Rob Owens from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote about the new Nielsen report below.

Pittsburgh Nielsen data

Last week Nielsen released a local market report that shows — no surprise here — among the Top 25 TV markets nationally, Pittsburgh viewers ages 25-54 remain the most old-school, watching the most live TV daily (five hours and 19 minutes on average), a tie with Detroit. San Francisco viewers watch the least live TV (3:27).

Pittsburgh adult viewers (ages 18+) prefer to watch TV live in prime time (70 percent). So it’s not surprising that this market has one of the lower rates of time-shifted viewing, just 19 percent, the least amount of time-shifting among the Top 25 markets. (Dallas was No. 1 in time shifting with 47 percent of viewing done on a time-shifted basis.)

Nationally 72 percent of consumers in the Top 25 markets own a smartphone; in Pittsburgh it’s 61 percent. Pittsburgh is closer to the national average when considering tablets: Nationally, 41 percent of consumers in the Top 25 markets own a tablet; in Pittsburgh it’s 37 percent.

Pittsburgh is behind in the adoption of smart TVs: These device are in just 8 percent of homes locally, ranking Pittsburgh No. 25 nationally. San Francisco is No. 1 with smart TVs in 17 percent of homes.

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