Tips to Improve Your Advertising Results

As a small business owner every penny you spend in advertising needs to produce a return. Here are some suggestions to help improve the ROI on your advetising:
1. Track Your Results
     I am always surprised by the number of people who tell me they
     don’t know if their advertising is working. Rule of thumb: if you
     don’t know if it’s working….it’s not!
2. Have a Plan
     Inconsistent advertising can be very costly because this often
     leads to advertising that doesn’t produce results. Your messages
     need to be out there on a regular basis so that people don’t forget
     about you. By planning your advertising in advance you can plan how
     much your will spend and when. This will ensure you do the right
     amount of advertising and don’t over or under spend.
3. Advertise Where Your Potential Customers Are
     It’s so tempting to take advantage of special deals from your radio,
     TV or print reps, but keep in mind that lots of spots or ads that go
     to the wrong audience is not a good deal, it is a waste of money. Be
     sure your ads are being seen by the right audience.

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