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I am always shocked by the number of people who are still not using LinkedIn or who use it but don’t take advantage of it’s true potential. Take a look at the blog article below by Mike Maetz. There are some great suggestions here about how to use LinkedIN to grow your business. Meg

The TOP 10 ways that I grew my business using LinkedIn……

Yes, I’m a LinkedIn cool-aid drinker. I don’t think there’s a bigger LinkedIn fan out there than me as I owe a tremendous amount (if not all) of the success of my business to LinkedIn.  I’ve been on LinkedIn since 2006, I have over 17M contacts and I just recently retired from the corporate world to follow my passion and dreams of growing my resume writing and LinkedIn training business full-time.
How did I do it?  Well, probably the same way most people have done it on LinkedIn, one day and one contact at a time.  The value of spending the hundreds of hours over the years building my network to the size it is today is that I add close to 50,000 contacts to my network – every 48 hours, without me having to do a thing!
Here are the TOP 10 ways that I drive business to myself with LinkedIn:
1. I’m very active in 50 groups and post regularly.  If a group isn’t providing much value to me, I get out of it and join a different one.  With 1.4M groups out there, I don’t think I’ll run out of options.  Be PROACTIVE and it will pay off.
2. I update my status on my profile every single day – if not twice a day when I have time. Talk about a gold mind of opportunity.
3. Recommendations, recommendations, recommendations!  I can’t tell you how many clients have come directly to me just from them reading my 50+ recommendations on my profile.
4. Present yourself as the SME (Subject Matter Expert).  People want to buy from someone that they trust, they like and they feel that they know what they are talking about.  Don’t you purchase things the same way in your life?  If you provide good content on your profile (a blog, an enticing video, a attention grabbing power point presentation), people will look at them and they will ask you questions.
5. Have a killer summary section, written by you, in the FIRST person and tell me what is great about your business and why I should care.
6. Accept ALL invites and turn down no one.  This is NOT Facebook.  If you only connect on LinkedIn to your friends and family, LinkedIn is not going to provide any value to you at all.  Get out there, connect with people!  Remember, you get access to a lot of the contacts of the person you are connecting to.
7. One of the biggest frustrations that I see on LinkedIn…..when I want to connect to someone but I can’t find their email or phone number to reach them! At a minimum, you have to have your email on there.  I have 17M contacts and I have never received a single crap phone call or any additional SPAM (than I normally would) since I have been on LinkedIn for 6 years.
8.  Make yourself a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker), and people will FLOCK to your profile!  Just know that if you do that, you are expected to accept ALL invites from anyone, anywhere in the world.
9. Go to, create a free account, connect to the top 53 LinkedIn networkers on the site and download the spreadsheets of contacts that are just begging you to connect to them.  If you have not done this yet, get ready!  Your network is going to explode in size in minutes.
10. Be active every single day and take the time to learn the “tricks”.  There are 150M people on LinkedIn (and growing), and I think only about 1% of users REALLY know how to use it is a great marketing tool.
I hope this is helpful to everyone to share my personal experience with LinkedIn.  As a final note, my business is writing resumes and I do have an incredible team of writers if you happen to know anyone that needs help with their resume – we offer free reviews all day long and they can email me at or call us at 678-646-7936.
One final resource to check out for some great LinkedIn training online is LinkedIn University. I’m a member and they do some incredible work and I highly recommend them if you want to check them out, the link to their site is attached.  Check out some of their free training videos too.


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