What Is Oursource Marketing?


In recent years outsource marketing has grown tremendously in the United States.  According to CMO Survey.org from August 2011 to August 2012, the industry grew 100%.  Although it is a growing field many people are still unsure as to what it is. Outsource marketing is when companies hire an outside firm to perform the marketing function for their company. There are several reasons a company would choose to outsource their marketing including:


1.  Expertise:  If  there is no one in the company who has marketing experience an outsource marketing firm makes sense.


2. Time:  Many business owners attempt to tackle the marketing themselves, however that takes time away from running their business, billable hours, etc. Often times it doesn’t make sense for the owner to take time away from the business to perform this function.


2.  Overhead:  By outsourcing the marketing,  businesses save the cost of a full-time employee including, salary, vacation pay, 401K and healthcare.


3. Different Skill Sets:  By hiring  a marketing person for your company you are limited to that person’s specific skills. By hiring an outsource marketing company you hire a team of people with different skills sets, all working together to increase your company’s bottom line.


4.  Flexibility:  In this economic climate, having the opportunity  to use an outsource marketing company when needed provides companies with tremendous flexibility and cost savings.



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