January 19, 2017

Media Buying Services



What Is Strategic Media Buying?

This is a term that we use to describe our process. We do media buying differently. For many media buyers their strategy is to buy as many commercials as possible and as cheaply as they can. Our process is different. Our first step is to conduct an analysis to determine where your customers are. Then we develop a strategic plan to reach them using all the tools at our disposal including digital, social media and traditional media like TV, radio, print and sponsorships. Once the plan is in place we negotiate rates ensuring our clients get the best possible pricing.


Why Use Someone to Buy Your Media?

1.  Media buying has become very complicated with the rise of digital advertising. This takes a great deal of skill and experience that most business owners don’t have. At Huwar Marketing we take a team approach to buying media. Our group includes a Google Certified Partner, a social media expert and an experienced media buyer. Together we work with each client’s marketing challenges and create a customized media plan to create actions that drive people to your website, make a phone call or visit your retail location.

2.  Our media buying expertise and relationships with the media, allows us to provide our clients with pricing they could not achieve on their own.

3.  We are often able to secure TV ads in high profile events like Steelers games, Olympics, and the Super Bowl at below market rates.

4.  Our experience takes the “guess work” out of buying media because we know what works. This means you don’t waste time and money on advertising that won’t bring a return on your investment.